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Our Services

Comforting Your Pet
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Our Services

We offer three different options for in home services, each of which are available throughout the Valley, in the comfort of your home. (If you are more than 20 miles from Scottsdale Rd and the 101, make sure to call before scheduling to ensure we can be in that part of the valley at that time.) Second pet discount of $60 on all euthanasia services offered.

Quality of Life and Telephone Consultations:

There comes a point when treatment options no longer can cure your pet. When is the “right time” is frequently challenging for owners to discern and/or accept. During a Quality of Life Consult, I can compassionately and honestly help you understand what your pet’s physical and mental health, behaviors and habits are communicating to you. We (you and I) may decide it is time to move forward with euthanasia during this appointment or not.

  • Quality of Life Consult – $150.00
  • All Telephone Consultations – $50.00


Pet Euthanasia Services:

At a certain stage, you may have no other option, it is understandably a difficult decision. In-home euthanasia allows your pet to feel safe, be around their people, be in a familiar environment, and eliminate a car ride of going to the Veterinarians office. The entire process will be done with dignity, respect, and with no discomfort to your pet.

  • At Home Euthanasia Only $285.00
  • Euthanasia with Communal Cremation (Ashes NOT Returned) $385.00
  • Euthanasia with Individual Cremation (Your Pet’s Ashes RETURNED) $485.00
  • Euthanasia with Private Cremation (Pet ONLY body in entire cremation chamber) $700.00


Post-Life Care Services:

Once your pet has passed peacefully, we can handle all after-life care arrangements for you, so you can take care of yourself and your loved ones as you grieve. There are many different options available to help memorialize your pet.

  • Pet Pick-up with Communal Cremation (NO ashes returned) – $200.00
  • Pet Pick-up with Individual Cremation (Your pet’s ashes RETURNED)- $300.00
  • Pet Pick-up with Private Cremation (Pet is ONLY pet in the entire cremation chamber)- $525.00


Operating Hours

We are here to help you through this difficult time and problem solve what to do.

Open 7 days a week from 8AM to 7PM and some holidays

  • Late Day Fees are $50 from 3:45PM to 7PM Monday-Friday
  • Weekend Fees are $50 from 8AM to 2:45PM and $100 from 3PM to 7PM
  • Emergency, after 7 PM and Holiday Fees are $150
We may ask for help lifting the stretcher into the vehicle on larger pets.



Occasionally we maybe +/- 30 minutes different than your appointment time due to travel and/or other unforeseen circumstances due to the nature of this type of practice. We will text you if we are going to be more or less than 10 minutes different than your appointment time. Thank you for your understanding.



Due to traffic and travel time, we may need to adjust your appointment time if you are more than 25 miles from Scottsdale Rd and the 101 and you have not cleared your chosen appointment time with Pets at Rest before scheduling.


"Dr. Kelly Collins made the passing of our wonderful dog, Duke, so peaceful.  She was prompt in contacting us to discuss our options, professional and so kind.  She was flexible when we needed her to come sooner and was completely focused on Duke, despite us talking and our other dog being right there.  I can not tell you what it means when your pet passes so peacefully.  Dr. Collins treated Duke with such love and kindness, was so polite and patient with us and other dog and I will always be so grateful!"

Lori L.


"It has been very difficult to say goodbye to our dog Charlie. We are very grateful for your care, understanding and professionalism! We highly recommend Kelly to anyone in need of this service."

Alex S.


"Thank you for making this emotional time easier, with love and professional skill. We feel that we have done everything right and given our Marty a peaceful parting which made it better for our entire family."

Sally D.


"Thank you so much for helping us yesterday.  It really made a difference."

Greg W.


"We recently had to let our cat, Loki, go after 12 good years with me and my wife. I could not have asked for anyone better to help us say goodbye.  The vet was compassionate and kind.  She gave us as much time as we needed to say goodbye, and even let us share some stories without feeling rushed.  When ever we had a question, they responded quickly and thoroughly.  My wife and I also treasure the paw print we were able to get.  You can definitely tell they do the service out of care and passion.  If it is time to say goodby, as hard as it is, I could not recommend anyone else more than I can recommend these guys."


John B


"I want to thank you for encouraging me to keep Guinness at home and you working around him.  When Lexi would be hospitalized, I would come home without her and they would look all over the house for her.  Having the others be there, like you said, helped them process what was going on.  It is such a difficult thing to go through but your peaceful, caring and kind nature made it a little easier.  I hope when the time comes again I can do it at home rather than a clinic setting.  It makes a huge difference in coping with the grief."

Julie Ann C.


"Thank you Dr. Collins again for your gracious kindness shown to us and more importantly our Carrington.  I cannot put into words how much your kindness meant as well as your prompt response to our request to come to our home.  It meant the world to us you cared enough to do so.  I thank God for such wonderful people like you in this world."

Patti L.


"Dr. Collins, a mere thank you does not express our appreciation of your tenderness and compassion with Linus and our family.  We were all blessed to have found you."

Marta, Joyce and Lilly.


"Dear Dr Collins,  Thank you very much for coming to our home and helping Pandora through her last journey.  Your calm, quiet presence helped us handle a truly heart-breaking experience.  Putting her in your red blanket and front seat of your car was so very special.  Thank you."

Kim and Nancy S.


"Hi, you’ve probably heard it a thousand times but thank you very much for coming to our house with all our dogs and helping in a sad time with Fizz yesterday. You are great at what you do and we appreciate your grace and compassion. It is a wonderful service you provide. I’m not sure how you do it but I’m glad you do.  Thank you very much."



"Very sensitive and caring in a very difficult time. Explained everything that was going to happen. She made it as stress free for our poor dog. Would highly recommend.  "

Mike R.


"Kelly is an amazing person. She made us feel more comfortable in a horrible situation. It was quick and painless for him. I’m so glad we found her and we were able to do it in own home so he was not terrified having to get in a car and go to a vet. She also gave us a free paw print that you can add a photo to. I highly recommend her.  "



"I wanted to give you a heart felt thanks for taking care of Bleu and coming to our aid when we needed you. We received Bleu's ashes today and a paw print.  "

Gerald and Myron


"She was very caring and compassionate, she loves dogs also and she understood how difficult it is to the owner. She was very professional yet human and provided a very peaceful passing of my dog. I did it at home and I recommend anyone if possible to do it that way. Thank u Kelly.  "

Aurelio W.


"I just wanted to express my gratitude to you for helping me through one of the hardest experiences I’ve ever encountered. About a month ago, I spoke to you on the phone and you provided me with so much information that I, unfortunately, did not receive from previous vets. You were so kind and compassionate on a day that I needed that most. Thank you again for helping me with Lucy. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season.  "

Kelly H.


"You deserve all the accolades. Kind, caring and professional. Kept an old guy from losing it altogether. You are appreciated. Many thanks.  "



"Hello. I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you so much for taking care of our sweet Lily girl on Wednesday. Everything I read is true. You are very kind and gentle and eased my mind. It was a very hard decision but I could not have asked for a better experience. Thank you again.  "

Lily’s mom


"Dr. Collins is a kind, gentle vet who respectfully and caringly helped our beautiful kitty pass to the other side. I got to hold my girl in my arms in our home as she passed, which I am so grateful for.  "